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Data de entrada: 18 de mai. de 2022



(2011) Alfa Romeo Giulietta Elearn



It is definately not an electric. are you all right in this situation. The small bit I can see, the part with the tube cap is fine. Hello, I have a Giullietta QV 1600e+ CNC kit, and I want to turn the whole front end around. I have seen a few pictures of other people converting their front end on YouTube. The thing that you will notice is that the part that actually changes around looks all wrong in the pictures. In the pictures the motor is all the way out I dont want to go the cheap way and cut the part out that cant be seen so that the motor is straight with out the hump. I want to turn around the whole front end like its supposed to be. I am looking for some help with a DIY conversion for the front end of the QV


(2011) Alfa Romeo Giulietta Elearn REPACK

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